News – University Course on "Model Memoirs", Fashion History in 3000 Dresses, …

Lia Cook is an artist who is using an electronic Jacquard loom to create intricate fabric portraits with mazes woven over the faces.

If you are a photographer or artist Getty Images has made an open call for images to be submitted via Flikr. Every person can submit 10 images and if any of them are suitable for reselling Getty Images will contact you. I’m not an artist or a photographer but I’m going to enter…why not? Smile

A course I really wish I could take: Next semester Princeton University will be offering a course titled “Model Memoirs” and will be utilizing personal memoirs of famous and not quite as famous well-written and intelligent models. The stereotype that models are just pretty faces with zero personality/intelligence does come from somewhere (wow have you seen some of those model reality shows?) but the honest truth as most people in the industry know is that those girls are actually pretty rare — it is just the stereotype that keeps them at the forefront of what we, the public, see. Most models are just like us and I imagine their hours spent on busses and airplanes has probably helped some of them develop incredible writing skills.

We’ve all heard the rumours of fashion collectors — infact I met one in Vancouver once and not only saw up close but got personal, getting my grubbing fingers all over them, some amazing clothes from my favourite eras (1920’s and 1960’s – I have to tell you almost nothing can top that day in my fashion-life) but even his very impressive collection paled in comparison to Charlotte Smith’s 3000 dresses dating from 1790-1995.

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